Helpful tips to read BEFORE contacting me
If you happen to be a gentleman I have not had the pleasure of meeting yet, please include as much information about you, your references and credentials in y our initial email to me.  I do screen my friends carefully for my protection as well as yours.If you are not sure what information to include, I have included the following helpful tips.
1) Everyone hates cancellations, so be sure your schedule will allow our meeting and try to avoid contacting me if you are not serious about meeting me. I do not care to exchange numerous emails with someone who has no intention of scheduling. However, if you do need to cancel, I understand.  But, please give me at least 3-4 hours notice. please know that all No Call no Shows will be automatically black-listed. etiquette pic 1etiquette pic 2
2) Last Minute Requests…Although pre-booking is the preferred approach, I understand that many “live in the moment.”  However,

  • I do require at least 1 hour notice
  • Please refer to my calendar and/or current ads for my hours of availability. when it says up to 10PM, that means 10PM (unless pre-booked in advance)
3) Hygiene…I cannot emphasize this enough, gentlemen

  • Shower
  • Shave your face (trimmed beards/mustaches acceptable. No 4-oclock shadows)
  • Brush your teeth

If I come across a situation that none of this has been addressed, I will provide alternatives, at my discretion. I don’t mind colognes providing your are not drowning in it.

4) There will be no discussions of any illegal activity, services or monetary exchange. if there is, our time together will end immediately and you will be asked to leave.  etiquette pic 3
5) Prices are NOT negotiable and will not be discussed on the phone or in person. you will need to know what donation is required BEFORE our date. I will ask you to leave if there is any questions asked at the time our our date.
6) I do have a screening process for all first-time clients/hobbyists. this is to ensure a mutually safe and comfortable experience. this information is used for screening ONLY and will never be shared.
7) I am always happy to help provide references, however, YOU MUST CONTACT ME FIRST.  I am a very discreet person and wilnoreen reply to reference request that you have not directly pre-authorized. this is for YOUR safety. for the safey of the person requesting the reference, I may decline if it has been more than six months and I do not have a clear recolledtion of having met you. please provide your nickname or a little information to help log my memory with your per-authorization request.
If you show any less than respect and kindness, or make illegal requests of any kind, I may end our relationship abruptly. please us common sense and discretion.