My Favorite Things…
gifts picI’m a sucker for flowers and chocolates…Anything bright and colorful like the cut bouquets I would get from the Pike Place Market in Seattle…so beautiful! My favorites are the Fuschia Pink Hawaiian Orchids and Gardenias.

  • Chocolates?…mmmmm¬† Lini Swiss Truffles or Dove…so smooth they just melt.
  • Jewelry…PEARLS!…a classic…I’m a silver or white gold kind of gal…gold is always good but depending on the setting i.e. Jade, Turquoise, Smokey Topaz, Lapiz, etc.
  • Fragrances…Ed Hardy, Couture Couture, Yves St. Laurent, Prada, Calvin Klein…so many…a gift card may be the bet!
  • I’m becoming a connoisseur of wines…my taste ranges from whites to soft reds from a variety of labels. I’m always open to trying new tastes and labels.
  • Gift cards are always welcome (but not to be used in lieu of regular donations) Some of my favorite stores;¬† Macy’s, Victoria Secrets, Sephorea, Forever 21.