Screening Process
My screening process is very simple and I have 3 options from which you can choose. You MUST CHOOSE ONE!
I can verify you if you belong to the following Hobbyboard/Social Sites: SHB, AHG, TNA, TER, TheHobbyhunter (Portland based), and Preferred 411. if you are a not on any of these sites, then let me know which site you are a member of along with your handle/user name. if you are a total newcomer to this, then please check out the other options I provide.  screening 1
 I can accept a minimum of 2 references from reputable providers you have seen within the past 12 months. you will need to provide me with their contact info (phone or email contact) information I cn provide them i.e. Adult Hobby Board (AHB) handle, email address, and.or phone number and one memory of the date(refresher for the lady) and estimated date that you saw them last.
 Employment/College Verification

A. If you have a work email or military email or college email (highly insist on this from active faculty or current students) then you can email me .. you can write something talking about the weather or what you’ll eat for lunch tomorrow or something vague. 
​ B. it would be great in that email from your work/military/college email OR from your “hobby” email to send me a form of at least 1 photo ID (highly prefer 2 or more though).
 ​C. Acceptable id’s are: work id/work badge, drivers license, cdl license, current passport, active military id (or DOD discharge papers or DD 214 or equivalent or proof/copy of your current orders if active) or vet id, college/trade school student or faculty id etc etc etc
 ​D. Other work verification choices: Send a scanned copy or picture of a Business card or other business/company stationery with your name and company’s name on it preferably through your work email (but other type of email is okay) 
 ​E. OR if you have a profile (preferably picture profile/bio) on your job/company’s/college website or listing in a directory (w/ a matching work email or college email preferably) that info would be great and goes without saying the business should be easily verifiable as in easily “Googleable” or I can search it through the BBB or something like that. 
​ F. A copy of a utility bill from within the last 30 days to verify identity sent via email and an id showing/matching the address on the bill
​G. College student or faculty taking classes can also send a copy of this semester or next semester’s classes (or equivalent)
​ H. ​ Self employed …should still be “Googleable” and/or I should be able to find your business through BBB or whatever your local/state BBB or equivalent is. 
screening 2
Social Media 
Professional linkedin (ideal if you have 300+ connections), if you’re part of anything college related you can be found on online, i.e. a facebook page that I don’t have to add as a friend to see photos/friends etc..  If you’re super important or famous or relatively high profile (easily “Googleable”) I still need to see a copy of ID or something to prove it’s you (sent via email)
When all else fails and push comes to shove…Meet-n-Greet for a casual 30 minute get together….coffee or a cocktail, at a mutually agreeable public location. this does not mean a session will immediately ensue even if all goes well unless previously agreed upon. I do require a nominal fee of $30 for my time.
As I said previously, my screening process is very discreet and only for our safety.  Please keep in mind when needing to verify, it takes time to get back the responses. it has been, in my experience, anywhere from same day responses to 10 days, so bear in mind your desired day and time when making a first time request. All information you provide to me is safe and confidential…. discretion on both ends must be equally respected.  I will never contact you unless you request me to and only in the manner and times requested. email me to let me know what method you prefer (must be at least one) and I will let you know the next steps for you to take.Thank you, in advance, for your cooperation.